Captivated by Christ

This is a beautiful vision I saw during worship one Sunday. I had my eyes closed and before me I saw a large, softball size diamond.

White and gleaming.

My hands were held out in a cup shape and it hovered just above, but did not touch my hands. My gaze was captured by the light and beauty of it – and the size! It went before me and captivated me. There was nowhere else my eyes were allowed to look, but into it. I believe this diamond represented Christ. Magnificent, holy, blameless and pure. Awe-inspiriing. He is to draw all of our focus.

As I walked to others, their gaze was captured by it and we’d marvel at it together. Then I saw a treasure box of diamonds – and a waterfall of diamonds.  When we keep our eyes on the light of his beauty, more diamonds are reproduced. The smaller diamonds are us, people who are cleaned and purified in the light of the original. Christ reproduces himself in us as we gaze upon him in worship, in our conversations, in every step and moment of our lives. In every conversation, it is in front of us – radiating. The many facets keep our attention and prevent us from being pulled in any other direction but to Him. We marvel in the light of the Glory of Christ. The same glory Jesus said in John 17:22 that he has given to us. “I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one—”

We are being recreated into His image as we keep our eyes on his beauty and look nowhere else.