A Simple Poem

This morning I heard this simple invitation from the Lord…

Come into the sanctuary
Sit with Me a while
Lay down all your heavy cares
Lift your head and smile

No matter where you are, God is there. No matter how much you have to do. God is there. In the middle of your mess, he’s a Father who has time.

He always has time.
He is the glory and lifter of our head.

We can choose to lift our head to him and smile.
When we do, the things we struggle with
and voices around us bow.
They can get no applause.

Suggested reading to soak on: Psalm 3


A song to help you look up:

Do you want peace?

I woke up worshiping the Lord this morning, reflecting on all the great things I heard Him do yesterday through my friend’s life. Not feeling any particular need, I asked God, “What question today Father?” I heard, “Do you want peace?” “Yes,” I quickly replied. I was in a moment of peace, so I knew that the peace I currently had was not what the Lord was referring to. It was perfect timing to let God stir more in my heart in this area and I opened my mind to receive and understand what it meant. I heard the verse, “My peace I leave with you, MY peace I give to you, not as (in the way) the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled, neither be afraid.”

Lord, I thank you for YOUR peace. For the gift of peace, that it is completely different than a momentary bit of sanity. It’s far beyond things going right for us, it’s rooted in faith. Peace comes through faith.

I realized that although I could think of nothing to ask, through that question, “Do you want peace?” I was still guilty of the sin of unbelief. There can be no place for this to hide in my life. God’s peace is “not as the world gives”, so where did I lack that? Unrest comes when there are areas of conflict between what is true and what is false. Only God is pure truth. There can be no reliance, or faith in, the things of the world because peace does not come through that. Perfect peace passes understanding. It is joy and life. It hopes all and believes all. I thought of a time as a kid when I was on a bus trip and I noticed the cows in the field. I made some simple observation about how content the cows must be since they don’t need to deal with winter in this state and was ridiculed for noticing such seemingly ridiculous things. I’m sure it was not meant maliciously, but it was the reaction of the world and it disturbed my peace.

How many times have I let others’ opinions have input into my life, when their opinions were not based on the peace that comes from God? Too many. I’ve even received advice that seems wise, but it not God’s perfect way, and I asked God to pull out every one of those thoughts so I can live clearly in abundant life, as He wills for  me. Anything we receive that is not from the mouth of Jesus can decrease our faith if we are not careful to guard our  mind.

Lord, pull out every root of unbelief and untruth in my life and overturn every thought that has not been yours. Let your life and your own words be my “how to” manual for life. You have riches for us in peace and peace comes through faith. I have valued things that you find worthless and mixed your truth with my experience. It has lowered my effectiveness and dimmed the reflection of you in me, infecting others. Forgive me Lord. I will have no more of it and I pray for all reading this, that they will have no more of it either.

There is a way that seems right to a man but in the end it leads to death – death in our faith, and death in our faith leads to sickness, poverty, and it is doubt in general. I thank you that I dwell in you and declare you as my guide. (I have an awesome spirit guide.)  I thank you Lord, for pointing out that even when I feel at peace, it needs to be a peace that remains – always – consistently – abiding in my soul because I abide in you and am rooted in your Being.

I drew a line in the sand before myself this morning to repent of all unbelief and crossed it. What an awesome question. “Do you want peace?” Is the Lord not more wise than we imagine every day?! He knows what we need to understand and long for. I’ve been soaking in John 15 this month and this is what it speaks of, remaining IN Him, especially in my mind. This brings peace. So, “Yes Lord” I want peace. I want peace so that John 15:7-8 will be evident to all though my life. “If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so PROVE to be my disciple.” – Let that be my next journey of growth, Father. Lord, help me and heal every wound of unbelief that would take me out of peace. Let my feet follow your steps.

I ask forgiveness from all who have been affected by my unbelief, in any way that I did not look like Jesus when you spoke to me, or met me, or when I prayed for you. I am sorry, and I pray that you will not only meet someone who looks like him, but become so like Him yourself that unbelief runs when you walk in the room because it will be exposed by your near presence. I pray that I will look more like Him from now on. Keep me simple Lord. Let it be. Amen.

Be Overwhelmed by Him and Not by Your Circumstances

Word of encouragement for the day: “Don’t be afraid of the future.”

This weekend I did some house painting. While going through the normal processes, running up and down the stairs for supplies, I had the sudden realization of how “alive” I feel. It was an inner feeling of joy, lightness and energy that had nothing to do with what I was doing. It wasn’t my physical condition that kept me from being worn out, it was my inner spirit thanking God for loving me. It came from my connection to my Father, God.

Then, people came to mind who may not feel this way and my heart grieved for them. I remembered on how hard it must be to live a life apart from knowing God’s heart, where fear had permission to torment us. Sometimes we can forget, even for a minute, how amazing our God is and how he hears our prayers and promises to answer.

If you feel alone today, call on your Father. He is listening. His arms are open. Place yourself there and remain connected. Use your imagination, God made it. The Bible says we are seated with Him in heavenly places, so while your everyday life is going on down here, let your spirit be resting in the arms of God, like a child safe in arms. You never have to leave that spot.