Did You Hear the Rooster Crow?

I awoke at 5:40. It was still dark outside, yet I’d slept enough and I was ready for morning and time with the Lord, so I got up. As I settled into my chair, the rooster crowed… and the rooster crowed…. and the rooster crowed. It was distracting me, getting my attention. He kept crowing…

The End of Slavery

The Civil War was set in a time of a nation divided against itself. What did the country fight over?

SLAVERY.. There was one side profiting off of the lives of others. Stealing their livelihood, their families and their generations.

Yet God has a solution for all of this. He’s already paid full price to end slavery… what can we learn from history? A lot! It’s amazing how timely this article written in 2017 is for this present time. God has had a solution in our midst all along. Will we see it?…. (read more on today’s blog)