Welcome to my world. I am a child of God. I have been changed by the goodness of God. I was lost and now am found. Wherever you are, however you feel right now, there is a God who wants to know you, to tell you how much he loves you. He sent his Son, Jesus, to show you what he was like. If you haven’t met Jesus yet, choose the Menu option called “The Gospel- Who is Jesus?” I want you to know Him! You are the love of his life.

Did you know that you are loved?  Have you felt the love of God?

Jesus will bring you joy that never ends and will change the way you look at the world. He is a healing God who is full of mercy. There is no one that is out of the reach of Jesus. There is no one who has sinned to much or is too unlovely. You were made to have intimate fellowship with the Creator of the Universe because he is YOUR creator too – your Father. You have a Father who is perfect. He is perfect love. Do you know Him?

This blog is to give back to God, to share things He is teaching me and to provide testimonies to the fact that Jesus rose from the tomb and is still alive and living in us today. I have been blessed to live an adventure with Jesus. He’s held my hand in pain and as I’ve run into new things. I pray you find more of him in the pages of this blog.

A snippet of my life… I’m a wife and mom of three boys. I’ve been homeschooling at least some of my kids for the last 12 years. I love to pray and worship, to listen to God and write what I hear him say to me through the Bible and right to my heart. I live to see people healed emotionally, spiritually and physically – but what I’ve come to know as the normal Christian life, thanks to some great mentors who helped me WAKE UP! I am a prophetic intercessor and passionate about healing, because Jesus paid for that!  My husband and I facilitate a seasonal cold weather emergency shelter for homeless men in Indiana where we try with the help of God to love people free from addiction and encourage them, and to invite the power of God into their lives. We are committed to bringing the transforming power of the Holy Spirit to as many people as we can.

Welcome to my site.


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