Welcome to my blog! I’m so glad you stopped in! This is a place where my door is always open and anyone can wander in. Sometimes the world seems harsh and you need a place to run for a breath of fresh air or a cool drink of spring water.

I once saw a vision of a large softball sized diamond floating over my cupped hands as I worshipped the Lord. It was so beautiful and many faceted. The light came in and left in any directions, refracting in so many brilliant colors! I was spell bound! I had to show others. As I held out this beautiful diamond, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I just walked and carefully offered it to others to look at with me. I showed it to everyone in the room and they were mesmerized by it as well. As we gazed at this incredible diamond together, smaller diamonds began to fall like rain from the ceiling in the room, snowing diamonds. This is what happens when we gaze at beauty and the many facets of Jesus. We become like him in our image. We are transformed into his beauty and the world sees him again in us.

As we are squeezed in our many trials what is in us is coming out! We are in a world of people that desperately needs to reconnect with their purpose and true identity and that is found through reconciling with  God, our Father through Jesus Christ. He is the only God who loves and who gave his own life to demonstrate it.

What I receive in my time with God I share with you, not so that you become followers of MY voice…. oh no… that is NOT what I’m after.  I want to connect those who passionately love God and who follow like sold out groupies! You may paint, dance, sell real-estate, be a financial advisor an author or mom with babies at home, but I pray you know you matter. Wherever you are you have influence and purpose. I pray you will become strong in the Lord, filled with his power and most of all fall DEEPLY and passionately in love with him.  God Most High is preparing a bride for his Son Jesus in these times. It’s an intimate friendship with a God who loves fiercely and who gives us his heart to love those around us through us, no matter how unique and different we all are, right where we are.

I pray that if you don’t know this or haven’t experienced this, you will ask God to come and Re-Form you back to what you were meant to be. Give Jesus your life. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you and wait upon him to do it. (Be still)

God has great things planned. Let’s lean in together often! I love to hear what he’s telling you too! Comment away!  Hearing God repeat confirming words is SO powerful. I pray you find a new idea or a confirming word among the pages  here!  God bless you today!


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  1. swatijena05 says:

    Please help me take forward my vision of creating a revolutionary world ahead, and do follow me too 💛


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