My Imaginary Life

What we can imagine… what we can see with eyes of faith can reform our inner world and eventually our outer world.

Heavenly imagination is a repository where concepts become reality where time is not a limitation. Creativity flourishes when God is at work and we follow with our minds, much like we watch a butterfly, or a firefly- Without the ability to know where it will land or where it will go next, we rest and wonder. By faith, we see possibilities that when spoken out become visible. Miracles happen that defy what we think is rational and make a welcome laughing stock of logic and human reasoning. Heavenly imagination is where God’s creativity runs free and it becomes possible to pray “thy kingdom come with imagination like GOD has and then, the world around us changes…

Our Creator. Continually working. Still creating. Helping us to create. Inviting us to step in.

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