I Have Provided a Way of Escape

I have been in intercession, listening for step by step strategies for how to pray to navigate this moment in time. Have you noticed it feels like a war zone in the spirit realm? To get a sense of what I’m seeing, imagine a scene in a army camp around the time of the Revolutionary War in America. It’s night time and the troops are gathered in little circles around fires near to their tents. The battle has been long and fierce and each night they connect to regroup, to encourage each other and to nurse their wounds.

In the middle of the camp there is a strategy tent where the military generals and top officials gather. The Commander in Chief has the big picture of what is going and has devised strategies to overcome the plans of the enemy. He calls in his overseers, his key military personal and they lean in, listening. They are at full attention, unified with his leadership as master and ready to execute orders. “Just show us what to do, and we’ll do it.” No questions asked. This is where we must engage ourselves in our minds and in prayer if we want to navigate these times with peace and confidence.

This scripture comes to mind …
Revelation 4:1 “After this I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven! And the first voice, which I had heard speaking to me like a trumpet, said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.”

Fulfillment of Promises
It was on Monday night 9/20/2021 and I was praying and worshipping… I began to hear the words ”fulfillment of promises”, like a broken record skipping. I tuned in as recently someone had given me a similar phrase as a prophetic word – “you will be fulfilled”. So, as God repeated this word “fulfillment of promises” to ME, I began to repeat it back to him — with INSISTENCE. If HE wanted to do it, I wanted to CLAIM it! I was lost in the spirit of prayer, using Jacob-like prayers of tenacity to bang on the door of heaven with “I won’t let you go until you bless me,” type of praying.

Whatever you are hoping for in the Lord, this is how we get it. It shows God we WANT what he has for us and that we BELIEVE he HAS it and will GIVE it. It’s the cry of desperation that shapes our hearts to agree with God. Our prayer of banging is not because God’s stingy and it takes a lot of coercing to get it. It is because it blooms faith in US, tenacity is FAITH and this is the prayer that is powerful and effective. (James 5:16)

After a time of banging… I knew it was time to be SPECIFIC – to get more detail about what he meant…. because I could! I asked, “What promises do you want to fulfill? I know you need a person to stand in the gap, just one person to pray, so what do you want to me to pray?”

I want to establish a place for my presence,” He said. And as I listened more, I had a strong impression that while I was ascending to speak to him, he was coming DOWN. Yes! Coming DOWN to establish places of his presence and fulfilling his word that of the increase of his government there would be no end. This is where HIS government would begin to rule and reign in a new way, in an authoritative way.

I asked what to pray next. I saw the big yellow bulldozer I’d sketched in my prayer journal a year or two ago. picture I’d seen quite some time ago and drawn in my prophetic sketchbook. This was the next battle plan. My heart stopped a bit, as I considered what a bulldozer does. It’s ”non-discriminate“. It doesn’t argue with what is in it’s way.. It just clears the landscape. “Yikes”…. I thought, but if this was God’s will, I’d pray in agreement with it. So I did. I decreed…“Release the bulldozer”.

And in reply I heard….“IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE”

As I prayed into this bulldozer’s activity, I saw it pushing things from us that resist God. What does a bulldozer do? It forcefully changes the landscape so God’s plans, his victories can be laid out for all to see. The pushing will happen and if there are things IN us that resist those plans, we may feel the tension as God comes in his power and says, “I heard your prayers and this is in the way.” Oh how good God is to make known the things that unsettle us and unseat us from his plans in our lives. He wants to make his home in us and with us and he doesn’t share space well, so whatever resists him will fell unsettled.

Don’t worry or fear. God is with you, helping you to overcome if you will only submit to him in the moments of your shaking. Submission is key to our arising in victory with him.

Then I heard the words “Get over yourself…. Stop rehearsing the problems in your minds and look to me as I will fulfill all things in final judgement.”

This reminded me of the verse God showed me in a time of my life when I thought I was at the end of myself. We’d had 2-3 years of devastation. There came a moment when was recovering from severe blood loss. My mind was mush. I was BARELY able to focus my on anything. As I sat in my living room, I asked God for help. Direction. I just wanted to react with faith to all that had been happening. What did that look like? I just wanted to know what the will of God was once and for all.

I cried…
What is your WILL God!

I somehow found this scripture and it encapsulated the very words I wanted to hear and brought great rest to my soul….

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18… “Rejoice always. Pray continually. Give thanks in every circumstance, for THIS IS GOD’S WILL FOR YOU in Christ Jesus.”

What a relief it was to hear those words! How simple was that?! No matter what the circumstance, I didn’t need to understand it, I just needed to do these three things. Then I’d know I was in the will of God. So, this became my life verse.

I URGE you…. EXHORT you…. Don’t over think… just listen. Claim it for yourself. This simple direction will be of great help in the times to come so devastation does not overwhelm you. God’s glory is above it all. If we do NOT regularly learn to live from this place, how much more will we live affected by our environment. Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble, but TAKE heart, I have OVERCOME the world.” Do you see the word “over”? This is where he sits in peace, and he invites us to live there with him, trusting in our Savior, the one who defeated all the sin that corrupted the earth.

This is the place of knowing Him. In this time when it seems nothing is settled below, it IS settled in heaven. So we can KNOW and trust the God who owns all that is in the earth. He IS working all things for the good. So, we can live in a place of thanksgiving, rooted and established in the love of Christ and in PEACE. Are you with me?

When we live ascended to this place on high,
we can remain seated with Christ and
SEE the battle plans rolled out by God
….and KNOW, “God’s got this.”


As the earth shakes at its foundations and shifts into alignment with the will of God, don’t think we won’t feel it in our flesh. Yet thank God that we are in the flesh but CAN live by the Spirit. (Romans 8). The old man lives in the flesh. The new man we become in Christ lives from a solid place in Christ and we must CHOOSE to remain there if we don’t want to feel seasick from the storms in our midst.

So, lift up your sights today. Remain seated in the heavenly realms in your belief. Take time to sit face to face with God the Father today and ask him what to pray. He’ll tell you his battle plan and you’ll know what needs to be done to AFFECT earth with heaven’s plans. This is how we overcome. So often we let the world INFECT us rather than INFECTING the world with the dominion of heaven.

Lord, I thank you for overcoming the world. In one fell swoop, through your death on the cross, it was done. Satan was defeated by the blood shed on the cross. What he thought was a victory was assurance that all men would regain what God intended for them in the beginning, if they only believe. So, let us believe today. Help us to believe. Call us into your tent to listen for your instructions, your words, your truth, and send us out to decree your plans so darkness can be conquered on this earth. We repent of all the ways we have allowed the world to INFECT us! Cleanse us now Lord, from all infectious dis-ease we have suffered as we have submitted to any agenda that was not your plan for us. As we humble ourselves before you today, under your sovereign Lordship, cleanse us. Wash us clean. It’s time to call you MASTER and we have not done this. We’ve held onto our own plans and thought it would all work out. We’ve denied you as LORD in so many ways and now we want to see clearly, Father. So help us. Help us yield to you and learn how to submit in every moment so we will not be shaken and you will SHINE in us and through us. Clear the clutter left behind and flush it out. We submit to you today and ask your step by step directions to freedom. Unbind us! Just as you did Lazarus. Thank you for taking us with you out of that grave when you rose. Forgive us for alignments with your adversary that we made out of fear or ignorance, or any other motive. Holy Spirit come clean our house! Let the water flow through us now, the water of your Spirit! In Jesus’s mighty name and by the power held in JUST ONE DROP of his blood, we ask in faith with a pure heart. Come Lord Jesus. Be our guest on this earth that belongs to you. We want you. Where you are, heaven is, and that is our home, so come.

I speak this DECREE over you and against all demonic authority that has been holding you back today: A decree is something you just RECEIVE and allow to WORK in you and over you….

In Jesus’s name, I break the power of darkness that would drive you to run from your Risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I sever it’s headship from your life by the power of the blood of Jesus and his name. It’s time for new Lordship to be established so, in the name of Jesus, I decree the Lordship of Christ over your body from head to toe. I decree stillness and wholeness of mind and single eyed vision that allows you to focus on Christ and what he has done on the cross. I decree simplified vision over you in Jesus’s name, so you will be able to focus on what is simply TRUE and not distracted by what seems right to a man.

Holy Spirit, come right now with your power. Bring rescue. Bring relief. Bring satisfaction in you and all you have done. I release a spirit of contentment so that godliness with contentment becomes your way SO LACK never gets a FOOTHOLD in your life. I BREAK the power of any mindset of lack right now and release and atmosphere of abundance around you. We have everything we need for life and godliness in Christ. He HAS provided.

I decree and end to the “smoke and mirrors” the enemy, satan, has been puffing around you and blow it away in Jesus’s name now. Recognize the Lordship of Christ and His name as “Master” in your life. Thank you Jesus for the SECURITY that comes as we realize your name as Master.

I break the power of ungodly alignments in your life that have been attempting to separate you from the love of God and His blessings and decree God’s ownership over your life, your body, your family, your home and your workplace. I cancel unholy assignments against your life and break the power of all witchcraft and and unholy control that has dominated your family line. No more of it! IN Jesus’s name! Satan FLEE and all of your associates as well.
Holy Spirit come and take over this territory of the mind, heart and will and have your way! Empower now and release your JOY and overcoming sense of well-being. IN Jesus’s name. Amen!

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