Forsaking All Others…

This morning, in the midst of a conversation with Holy Spirit, he said this,

I know the way that is right for you. I’m loyal.” 

That wording struck a chord in my heart. “God is LOYAL.” So I asked more about this. I have a practice of asking God a question and then just listening and typing just as it comes to me. This is a good way to get to know Holy Spirit as Counselor.

Show me about your loyalty…open this up to me fully Lord

And I heard these thoughts and wrote them down from the viewpoint of the Lord via Holy Spirit’s help….

“This is the root of my story. From the beginning, I showed my loyalty to a people who forsook me. It began in the garden when I fashioned a people in my own image. I made them to enjoy fellowship with me. I wanted to enjoy them and watch them flourish.

‘But in the beginning of this world, there was a snake in the garden. He was a deceiver. This snake was not interested in them. He was really interested in himself. My magnificent creation listened to the voice of an evil deceiver… and they fell. Yet I have authored a plan of salvation.

‘I have emotions similar to what you might have. I am jealous for them. They are mine, yet they fraternize with the one who rejected me and wanted glory for himself. He’s not merciful. He wants to create dependence on anything or anyone but God. He tells them things are ok that are not.‘You’ll be fine if you do this thing,” the satan says to people with an evil smirk. But it’s a trap. He’s not really about prospering anyone. It’s about his him. He’s utterly selfish — bitter that he did not get the recognition he wanted in his original heavenly home for his splendor, but forgot why he HAD splendor. He was a work of art! I created him created by Elohim for a purpose, to express his creativity and put it on display. (Lucifer was the satan’s name before he claimed glory for himself.) All Lucifer had to do was enjoy being himself, enjoy the fellowship he had with God, give God credit for what he could do and be LOYAL. God enjoys fellowship with those who are LOYAL. Lucifer was an angel crafted beautifully for ALL to enjoy and marvel at. But his purpose was to bring glory to God Most High. ALL of him was to exude praise. (Insert description of him). 

There was no beginning and no end to his magnificence… until… He began to look at himself apart from God. He looked at his own strength. He was created so magnificently, he thought. Wow! I’m just WOW!!!!! I’m just wow! 

Now he forgets God. He looked at himself and then tried to gather the heavenly host around him to agree with him, saying, “Look! Look at who I am and what I can do. I believe I’m worthy of some worship. Come enjoy my magnificence with me. Look at it! I’m powerful too!

He must have thought he had some doing in who he was or how amazingly he was made… He didn’t. He forgot where that power originated. He forgot how Elohim – the true God who created him, is infinitely more powerful than anything that has been created.

He was in a swirl of self focus. Sidetracked by all this, he forgot that he didn’t create himself. He wasn’t responsible for the awesome abilities he had. He was simply fashioned by the Master Creator’s hand. When Lucifer became God-like to himself, he tried to draw things to himself. He’s a gluttonous consumer of people and things, using them to get attention for himself. Because of this, we no longer hear of him as Lucifer anymore, but now he is “adversary”, the meaning of the word satan. Lucifer lost his identity when he looked at himself and his purpose apart from his creator, just like we do.

This fallen angel now competes with God for attention, for recognition and for credit. He hates humanity yet wants us to align with him but he’s utterly unfaithful and just wants attention. He wants to steal what belongs to God. He’s a glutton who tells simple lies until we are full of what he’s dishing out. Who’s image do we want to be found in when we stand before God? 

The satan is full of false promises. Yet we enter into agreement with him through our words, actions and inaction. Who we partner with, we receive from. 

Did he think he could escape the eye of God and create a kingdom unto himself? Well, he sort of did. He did that by tricking Adam and Eve into listening to him. Man was given keys of authority to have dominion over the earth, but by honoring the voice and false promises of well being from the adversary of God they gave away their keys of authority. We still do that today when we partner with sin. 

Galatians 6

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. 

Yet we listen to the voice of this tempter, this accuser, who’s very title means “adversary. He is a consumer. Utterly selfish and focused on his own agenda. To think he would ever be on our side or do anything for our real good would be to fall in to great deception. He’s a jealous, false god. He seeks to create chaos and to tempt people to hear him above the name of Yahweh. (Box describing the name of Yahweh) He lost his opportunity to humble himself and return to god. 

Thanks be for Jesus!  When we recognize we have been trapped by the adversary’s lies and realize his destructive activity we can run to our Father’s arms because the debt was paid for our sin of disloyalty. When we have been faithless, he is still faithful. 

2 Timothy 2:13 “If we are unfaithful, he remains faithful, for he cannot deny who he is.”

Our Father’s goal is our ULTIMATE good. If we call on the name of Jesus, Yeshua, he is faithful to hear us and come as rescuer. 

He receives us back, broken, bruised and weary after living in the accuser’s lies about us and all that he is, but we can’t serve two masters. To receive his favor, we need to let go of the baggage of the world. Repentance means to turn away from what is evil and turn to what is good. Jesus is ultimate good. If we fix our eyes on him like a love sick bride we will receive his blessings. They will flow to us like water from his throne. When we lose ourselves for him we find all we need. Losing other things might seem hard at first, but we are trading UP when we chose to realign with our Father again. Look at the life of Jesus and how he was blessed. He didn’t have material wealth on earth, yet he owned everything. Why? He knew who his Abba, his Dad was. God blessed him to bring glory to his name, so say YES, this is my beloved son. I’m pleased with him. Jesus was loyal to his father and did only what he saw him doing. He knew his Father was loyal as well. He would never have come to this world if he didn’t trust that. 

Choosing loyalty to God, our Creator, is to repent (turn 180 degrees from) and break agreement with all that is evil. It means leaving everything God says to leave to come under the shelter of God. It is to recognize God’s authority by our actions and fear of the Lord.

God is a God of covenant. This is why he ordains human marriage. It is a picture of what it looks like to be loyal. We lay down our life and our identity for one another, to become one. Like a groom with his bride he wants to guard what is precious to him! When we accept that ring of loyalty to him, he covers us under his wing. 

Relationship with Jesus is a marriage between the most loyal, loving man in existence and one who appreciates that. We love him because he first loves us. When we are married, we don’t bring our old boyfriends into the bedroom with us. It’s a covenant of loyalty. Our lover has one voice and we recognize it. How comforting and soothing it is to know him alone.

If you need this peace today, it’s available. Just pray and ask Jesus to reveal himself to you. Meet Jesus in Matthew, Mark, Luke or John in your Bible, or in the beginning, in Genesis. He’s fighting for you to recognize him and see his goodness.

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  1. Laura Duis says:

    I love this anne ❤️


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