There is No God. He’s Not Real – Convince me.

This is a true story.  I’m moving some of my old testimonies to my new blog. These are the stories the rocked my world and left me trembling at the raw truth that Jesus, the man, the Son of God, is REALLY ALIVE!

I am still amazed at how God chooses to use people to show his power. Everything you read here happened by faith in Jesus, faith that His Word is true, that these signs follow those who believe. He always defends the Gospel. Jesus said that He could do nothing on his own, but only what He saw the Father doing. What He did, we can do. It works when we take a risk and believe. We are born again into a Kingdom that doesn’t operate in the laws of the natural world. We are born into God’s family, as sons and daughters, with all the privileges therein, to glorify God. When we love others as He loves them, see them as He sees them, then we begin to see what He wants. The Holy Spirit moves through us in power. God changes lives and makes Himself known.

I’m at the skate park. My son and his friend are rip sticking and I’m sitting at one picnic table listening to the guys next to me talk about their lives, mainly one guy does all the talking, “Bill”, I’ll call him. Probation, weed they got caught with, the 2 pints of schnapps he downed by himself the other night, and what he could do with the $47 in his pocket were the highlights of the conversation. There were two smaller kids around who obviously looked up to this guy and I was saddened that they would think this was the cool way to live life so I decided to start a conversation.

I started asking if they had anything else they like to do in life. The one with the major distractions in his life, Bill, said he liked photography and was getting his associates degree. I encouraged him in that and told him that he should focus on that more and let go of this other stuff. I got a feeling that I should encouraged him to think about writing for newspapers. “That would be a great place for you to use that good eye you have,” I remarked. As we talked about God having help for him and better plan, he said his life had been way to messed up for him to believe there was a God.

‘People who have had messed up lives don’t have a lot of fear left in them,” I added. “A newspaper photographer with no fear can travel the world and get the best news stories. God can even bless you with more talent than you have now.” I told a few other guys what God showed me about them, simply what their interests were. They were warming up to me. I told them about how God made them to be something incredible and not to get distracted with other junk.

Bill said, “I’m just not going to believe that God is real. There’s just no way.” That struck a cord in me and a bit of zeal rose up in me. I know God rises to challenges like that as faith rises up in us. I told him God was definately real and even if He didn’t believe in God, God believed in Him and sees him as an adventurous, creative person. “Whatever. He’s still not real,” Bill insisted. This was a challenge to me and to God. I had to stand here.

“Yes. God is real.” I smiled and insisted in a nice way – and paused – “and He’s going to show you He’s real.” The other kids were looking on, while my brain is pleading for an idea from God. There are 7 kids sitting there, at least, all impressed by this kids bragging. An idea for a potential miracle popped into my mind. I took the risk. I asked, “Hey, do any of you have one body part that isn’t quite right, like not the same size or something?”

“I do! I do!” said a younger kid. “The doctor said I have one leg shorter than the other.”

“Thank you God, you are so good,” I prayed. “Come and sit down on the bench and give me your feet. I’m going to take your shoes off so we can check it out. Everybody come look.” They were about 1/2 inch off with his heals together. “I’m going to show you that God is real. He’s going to fix this. Left leg, I command you to come out and be even. Grow now, in the name of Jesus.” We checked again and the they were exactly the same length. The kid who’s leg grew was stunned. The other kids were amazed. Bill still said, “I don’t believe God is real.” It was one of those Pharaoh moments. His hard heart challenged me.

I told Him that Jesus said, “If you don’t believe me, believe in the works I do.” While we’re talking, the short leg kid is checking himself out. “Hey! I have one arm shorter too! It’s really short.” I checked it out to be sure he wasn’t just placing his shoulder out of whack and sure enough it one arm was at least an inch longer. “Alright, thank you Lord. God is going to show you again. He’s real. I’m not doing this, it’s Jesus in me who does this.” I prayed and the left arm stretched out to perfectly match the other one. The kid was so excited. “I could feel it grow in my arm!” He pointed to his lower arm.

“Yeah God!” The two younger kids were really excited about this. I could see a shift in their hearts and told them about the Bible, asking them to go home and read the book of Matthew to find out more about Jesus. I explained that no gang, or other high would ever be like what you saw today. Jesus was the real meaning of life. Big smiles came. He was real.

Everyone left but the healed kid and then another kid came, his brother, who was about 11. I told him that God was doing good things here today and had just made some adjustments in his brother’s arms and legs. Could I pray anything for him? “Yeah! I have arthritis all through my body and my joints are always in pain.” His brother confirmed that he was always in pain. Wow, was he young to have arthritis. I took his hand and commanded the arthritis to let him go and added that God was going to wash though his body right now and take it all out. “Did you feel anything happen in your body?” I asked – hoping for some confirmation.

“Yes, my toes felt tingly and then my ankles, then there was something around my knees.” Smiling I said, “God has healed you. Yeah! Go home and tell your parents about what Jesus did for you today. Get to know Him. He’s going to be your life.”

Praise God. I couldn’t believe what a good day it was. Oh.. I forgot this. I had commented that God had healed my husband’s scoliosis and Bill said, “I have scoliosis! I know that I do for sure.” I prayed for that. He didn’t feel any change, but I think it was mild because I couldn’t see any curvature before we prayed when I checked. I am quite confident that he’s corrected and that when he hears one day that he has no more scoliosis God’s going to remind him of this day and he will know how real God is.

What a day. It snuck up on me and left me amazed. It was like Jesus just rose and was there himself. I can’t believe I was there. The little kid who came with us told my husband that today was like a Batman movie, but better! Jesus is definitely better than Batman, I’d agree. I was mostly so excited that the little boy wouldn’t have to grow up bound to arthritis and thankful that I’d taken time to ask. The boy who’s arm is now the same will now fit in his long sleeve shirts so that witness will live on with his mom. You are amazing God.

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