Defiant Love

I am feeling the stirring and shifting in my spirit this week as restlessness and shaking occur in God’s kids who have been waiting. “From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force.” (Matthew 11:12)

There is a trumpeter from heaven sending out a sound for the people of God to rise up with a love for people so DEFIANT that it will shake the chains off those who have been held captive by shame, despair, generational bondage and guilt! It says, “No more guilt! Wake up! Jesus did this for you. You are not a victim. You are not to hang your head low. That is not humility! Humility is lifting your arms, getting on your knees and letting the God of the universe rise over you and take that shame as you receive his forgiveness and cast every sin upon him. It’s knowing that what you have been given is not on your own merit, but you don’t have to hide it!

Let him draw you to your knees in MIGHTY THANKS! Pour out your thanks to him in an offering of praise and deep worship that will empty you of all fear.” Have you truly worshipped your King? Have you felt the beating of His heart for you? For others?

We must repent of all things done out of pride and fear so we can be free to see things that need to be change more clearly. It’s time to get rid of stuff we’ve been standing on the fence about! If lust is hiding in your closet, walk in there now and say NO MORE! Cut your ties and let God fill your heart to overflowing. That is the power of God that leads others to him like a moth to flame. Tell lust, anger and hatred “You have ruined my life long enough!” I want JOY!

God is speaking life! Not condemnation! (Romans 8) what are you speaking! Realize this, hear the rumble in your Spirit and submit to God. Then you will be able to resist the devil with only a word, as Jesus did.

THEN… This song will speak to you.

It’s not an anthem of pride, but it’s the roar of the Lion of Judah calling his children to awaken to the roar of righteous indignation and identity he has put in us when he put His own heart in us as we were reborn in Christ.

If you haven’t tasted that yet, that is the offer of salvation in Jesus. It is a gospel of awakening to bear fruit, to love without restraint and the speak words that heal nations. There is a nation and many nations who will come to the brightness of the rising of the children of God.

He is pouring out wisdom to those who humbly seek him and step out into the aisle. Step out and let God shake you of your pride, because we are full of it! Are you still holding on to judgement of others in the body of Christ!? Let it go! God is mixing it up in the body of Christ and wants us all to come to knowledge of the truth. That is that there is unity in Christ. Seek him first and set aside the disputable matters. Then God will bring righteousness upon his people and they will shine like the sun and change the world with their words of confidence in the will of God for this hour.