Still My Soul – Restore me to rest

I asked the Lord to still my soul and to reveal what scripture he wanted to speak over me today. Psalm 91 came to mind. (You can click the link to read it.) He gave me this prayer to restore my place of security and peace in him. 

God, restore my rest. 

Lord, I thank you that Psalm 91 is true in my life. I thank you that because I abide in you, you are my dwelling place that you give your angels charge over me, that I have help. I will not be left alone or without provision. Thank you that you answer my prayers when I call upon you and place me under the shadow of your wing. Thank you that your voice roars out before me and clears the way of my path. You are my refuge and I trust you. I will do what I need to every day and not get tripped up in what’s not done yet.

Because of what Jesus’ death and resurrection accomplished I have peace. I reside in this world, but am not of this world. Your presence is my sustenance and my portion. I live from your freedom and hold my arms open. I need no other protection but you. I receive that protection and provision and thank you. Thank you that you have carried my burdens and sorrows on the cross. They ripped your flesh apart in such a way that I could find no way to comfort you there in that place other than with a drink of water. There was no place to touch that would not have brought you more pain. You made yourself completely vulnerable and in that place I have strength. I am not my own. I belong to you. I am made to minister to you, so keep my focus there and let me be your balm to the world, the drink of water that it cries out for in it’s pain. Let me bring beauty and life out of the pain you endured, because you did that for me. I will never forget. This is what is important. Your death is the significance of our life.


Author: Anne Huffman

I follow Jesus as closely as I can. I stumble. I get up. I long for him. I live for him. I want to know him more. I am daily dying to myself and when I’m fully dead to my flesh, this blog will surely be AMAZING... but for now, you get what you get, the little bit He gives me. I pray it inspires you and draws you closer to the heart of Jesus. He is passionate about you. His heart bled for you to the point of death and he wants to take your hand and lead you out of the grave. Come awake my love.. That is what he is saying to us all right now. Come awake and walk with me. Closer.

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