Following God’s Voice in Street Ministry

I’m sharing what God is teaching me this week because I’ve had a bit of breakthrough. God is always ready to move. He’s always ready. He’s waiting on us. Sometimes we over think about how God wants us to do something, or who he wants us to reach. If we disengage our mind and engage our spirit we can avoid over thinking all together. I’ve realized that success comes when I just move my body where he draws me, and listen to simple instructions, then lots of people get touched by their Father.

I began praying for the Father to simply give me his compassion for people. I want to look like Him, be like Him and feel what He feels.  I began to partner more with the heart of God and did not think about myself or my inadequacies at all. I would never be enough, but Jesus always is. I finally got that I was a conduit of grace in my heart and not just my head. His  compassion leads us and draws our attention to people. We don’t always know why, but the important thing is to stop.

Sometimes I hear an idea in my head before I stop, like back pain or sadness, but not always. The important thing is that the person you are drawn to is being noticed by the Holy Spirit inside of you, even if it’s very subtle. Sometimes I have just said, “I feel the heart of God drawing me to you, what’s going on in your life that needs prayer.” If I just do that, someone has realized that they are on God’s heart, even if I have no other supernatural knowledge. We don’t have to be the answer, we just have to be available to bring the one who IS the answer.

Thanks to the amazing influence of a brother in Christ, you can find his writing at, I’ve been reminded that I can always ask Jesus anything.  Jesus wants to reach people more than I do, so he’ll tell me what I need to know. Today I asked how to approach a young man who had a bandaged arm. Jesus said, “I came so that they might have abundant life.”  So, I introduced myself and told him that Jesus came that we might have abundant life and that arm sure didn’t look like it was giving him abundant life right now. We prayed two times and the pain left his arm.

Before I began to hear on the streets, I practiced in my quiet time with God. Intimacy is learned in the secret place. Going out was just a natural extension of the conversation. So, in Walmart I can ask Jesus, “What do you want me to say?” Then I use what I hear. You can still minister if you hear NOTHING. God will still move and still wants to heal. If what you heard seems wrong, or you don’t receive confirmation right away, be patient and ask if you can pray for them and bless them in any other way. I did that today and thought I missed the mark. I was in Walmart and had a thought that I should go to electronics. Not a pulsing, vibrating thought, just a thought, so I went. I passed ladies printing photos and thought about them but kept going. I thought I heard neck pain for a man looking at cds. I asked him. The man didn’t have neck pain, he said, but he did have terminal cancer. Asked him if I could pray for that. I asked Holy Spirit to come and minister life. Then after I prayed for this man who did NOT have neck pain,  but terminal cancer, he said, “If you want to pray for someone with neck pain, my wife is right over there by the photos. It drives her NUTS.”  I went back over to those ladies I saw earlier and asked his wife if I could pray for her neck pain, telling her that I’d just prayed for her husband. I talked to her about the Gospel, that I do this because it says in the Bible we’re supposed to do what Jesus did, and about Jesus and how he still works through us, and will work through her. Prayed, pain still remained. Told her Jesus prayed for a blind man two times to get complete healing and I was going to do that for her. It would go. “Really” she asked. “Really,” I answered, explaining that an army doesn’t just shoot one bullet to knock down the invading army, it often takes more than one. Released Holy Spirit onto the middle of her back. “That’s amazing!” she said and asked how I picked them. I got to explain that too. He IS amazing! He is AMAZING! and he loves us all. Thank you for numbing my brain Lord so I can hear your heart.

Author: Anne Huffman

I follow Jesus as closely as I can. I stumble. I get up. I long for him. I live for him. I want to know him more. I am daily dying to myself and when I’m fully dead to my flesh, this blog will surely be AMAZING... but for now, you get what you get, the little bit He gives me. I pray it inspires you and draws you closer to the heart of Jesus. He is passionate about you. His heart bled for you to the point of death and he wants to take your hand and lead you out of the grave. Come awake my love.. That is what he is saying to us all right now. Come awake and walk with me. Closer.

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