The Way to Heal Our Land

Although we are supposed to be “one nation under God”, we have rebelled against that. And now, we are reaping the fruit of our rebellion.

So, in this middle of this pandemic, I’m going back to the Bible and looking at God’s ways. I’m looking at what he’s said about being a subject in a nation where those above us make decisions for us. I’m making a choice to honor. I’m making a choice to love. What or who we choose to love we will be trusted with more authority over! Even in our prayers because we will pray from a right spirit rooted and grounded in love.

We have a nation that is founded on independence. While that may seem like liberty at first, rejoicing in independence does NOT mean independence apart from God’s rule or his decrees about how we are to live in a land under government. Independence also leaves us isolated in many ways. Independence says “I don’t need you”.

As I was praying this morning I saw a nation under communist rule with an oppressive leader. The people had no say in what would happen in that nation. In my vision, I saw them all bowed low on their faces in worship of God. It’s all they could do, but they were used to submission so they had little pride and could come together because they were united. The people of this nation had to trust God. As they worshipped I saw a white cloud descend and hover over them. Their cries were ascending into that cloud of God’s presence and he was hearing them. He came close.

How willing are we to lay down our rights? Maybe it will be us all wearing a mask, that will be the symbol of humility in this nation. I’ve not liked the mask “suggestion”, I confess. I’ve not felt afraid of the virus and not worried, so I’ve not felt the NEED to wear a mask, yet I know that love for others is important. I see their fear and feel compassion for them. I still want to reach out in love and connect. Let’s not let our ideals of freedom get in the way of love.

I’ve been looking at Biblical examples of submission and honor. When I think of the Israelites under Moses, They were tribes under a head. The law was the same for everyone. Yes, that was Godly government and Moses was a God led leader. Does that excuse us? Does it excuse us when don’t agree? When Jesus was asked if he paid taxes, he said, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s”. The LORD of the UNIVERSE submitted to the Government HE had authority over. Whoa!

Nehemiah was a cupbearer for the king. Every day he submitted to the king and honored him. The king was not a godly man, or even a believer. It wasn’t his job to judge, just to serve him. That honor opened the door for favor. What Nehemiah cared about, the king cared about and gave all Nehemiah asked for to help rebuild Jerusalem’s walls. It was crazy!

When countless numbers of an army came against Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20, their leader called the tribes together and they listened for the LORD’s voice… The Lord told them HE would fight the battle for them if they put worship at the head of their army (marching). What happened? Confusion came into the camp of the enemy when they worshipped. Those on the opposing side turned on EACH OTHER. The Lord fought the battle.

Independent strength or making sure your voice is heard before men will NOT cause us to win this war we are in. Unified submission, honoring one another and worship will. Submission is NOT weakness as God sees weakness. God said, “when you are weak I am STRONG”.

Our government is founded on “everybody gets a say”, but that’s actually not been God’s form of government throughout scripture. It was GOD gets to say. God can set our hearts in the right direction. Yet even Israel, God’s ”children” wanted a king, they wanted to look like everyone else. They looked at people and away from God. They got what they asked for!

It’s time to humble ourselves as a nation and pray, to seek God with our whole heart, to renounce our independent stubborn pride and admit we need each other. It’s time to unify not in protest but in worship to make sure we are heard for all of our wounds, but in unity with God in the center. Holy Spirit is the spirit that brings true unity and and the bond of peace. Oneness happens when we all submit to that ONE spirit of TRUTH. Bowing low.

Lord, I ask for your help in our land. I ask forgiveness for myself and for our people, for every rebellious way and every stubborn mindset that has masqueraded as courage or truth or freedom. Freedom comes in unity and in your presence, where the Spirit of the Lord is, so I ask for your leadership in our our hearts and thus it will come in our land.

I choose to honor those in authority over me and I ask your forgiveness for when I have not. Joseph served Pharoah and saved his nation. Daniel served the King of Babylon and you blessed that land through them even though the Israelites were in captivity. Lord, we are so blessed here. Help us to truly LOVE our nation again. Help us to honor our leaders. End the division at the head of our nation’s leadership.

Uncover the lies. Blend our hearts as one under your headship. Open the way for unity. We ask for humble leadership in this land, so ALL can hear YOUR voice. Make us again truly “One nation under God”. I know that is the way to end this oppression we are under. That is when we will be impervious to the virus. One nation UNDER God.. under the cloud of your presence!

O Lord we bow to you! We give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to You what is YOURS: our hearts, our minds, our logic, our reason and our attention. If we all must wear masks, then we will, but our hearts are yours Father God. Our hearts will be yours again Jesus. I choose unity in the Holy Spirit for this nation. Rebellion makes way for the spirit of anarchy, so keep our hearts set on love and honor. Jesus YOU are the way to perfect peace and we want that. Lord, we love you and need you. COME! Make your home in our midst. Amen.

The End of Slavery

The Civil War was set in a time of a nation divided against itself. What did the country fight over?

SLAVERY.. There was one side profiting off of the lives of others. Stealing their livelihood, their families and their generations.

Yet God has a solution for all of this. He’s already paid full price to end slavery… what can we learn from history? A lot! It’s amazing how timely this article written in 2017 is for this present time. God has had a solution in our midst all along. Will we see it?…. (read more on today’s blog)

94992E6A-DF44-4D42-9924-6C8D2D54AFD3This afternoon, December 21, 2017, I was helping my son edit a paper he had to write on the Civil War. The Civil War was set in a time of a nation divided against itself. What did the country fight about?
SLAVERY.. There was one side profiting off of the lives of others. Stealing their livelihood, their families and their generations.
The Southern States were comfortable making money off of the labors of others. Their way of life could not be sustained if others did not work to sustain them.
What did the North have to gain by freeing the slaves? What did Lincoln have to gain personally? Nothing. Why did they do it? Because our country was created “One nation under God”.  The foundation could not be denied and at that time, Christian values were still integrated into the fabric of our country.
I was reminded of how many lost their lives in barbaric ways fighting for what they believed in. As we reviewed Jon’s paper today, I was reminded of the Black soldiers who moved north to proudly fight for their own freedom, for their right to keep their families together and to work to support them. They wanted to feel like real men again, but did they even know what that felt like after generations of slavery. They wanted to know.
When did slavery begin? Genesis 3 (read)
“you will be like God….” They were already created in the image of God!
Once they listened to the lie of the devil they took on his nature too. Slavery had begun. Shame entered the garden and man began to hide from God. Now, God had to fight for his children who were divided, who had a civil war going on inside of them.
But, God had a promise. He had a promise of freedom already planned, an “emancipation proclamation” coming.
God’s heart is for the struggle to end in us. He wants our whole heart back. Most of us have probably heard the Christmas story about the shepherds hearing the angels tell them about Jesus being born. This was the emancipation proclamation! These weren’t just nice singing angels.
8 That night there were shepherds staying in the fields nearby, guarding their flocks of sheep. 9 Suddenly, an angel of the Lord appeared among them, and the radiance of the Lord’s glory surrounded them. They were terrified, 10 but the angel reassured them. “Don’t be afraid!” he said. “I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people. 11 The Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord—has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David! 12 And you will recognize him by this sign: You will find a baby wrapped snugly in strips of cloth, lying in a manger.”
13 Suddenly, the angel was joined by a vast host of others—the armies of heaven—praising God and saying,
14 “Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.”
God had sent himself here to pay the full price. Those angels new that this was the beginning of a war. One man’s death would set the world free of slavery to darkness. Those were not just singing angels, they were the warrior angels, the armies of the living God. They were here to guard this child and all the purposes of his life so that the price of death would set us all free.
What do we have to do to get out of the hands of the devil? Put our trust in Jesus for ALL of our life. Jesus left everything behind in heaven to come show us what we could look like and live like. HE is the perfect image of the Father, your father, God, your creator.
None of us are perfect when we come to Christ. We CANNOT be perfect. we have  no spiritual weapons outside of Christ. Once we receive Him and give him our life, we receive power to change and we must keep focused on that power that changes us. What we focus on we become like. God wants us to focus on his image, and by doing that, we are transformed more and more into his image every day.
Maybe you need to see God in a different way today. God is the defender of your soul. He is fighting for you every minute and has been fighting for you since the first sin in the world, loving you fiercely to get you back. You are his treasure, but you can choose your master. You can choose to participate in what the devil is up to, or you can choose to receive what God has for you.
We cannot serve two masters. Who will you choose? Jesus had to give up his opinions of others, the things he was offended or bitter about and he asks us to do that too. That’s all it takes. Love God with all of our heart and love our neighbor as ourselves. There is freedom in that. The angel armies are here to help you win every battle. They are there for every believer.

Times Like These – God gave direction through children – and I listened.

This is taken from my journal on 2017-1-29. I just copied it and pasted it here. How amazingly pertinent the words are right now, April 1, 2020. There is a vision from my son I refer to that I knew was really significant so we were careful to write down every detail on what he saw. I believe, three years later, we are in this time. The personal direction in this article is still pertinent today, except that we are now being FORCED to give up our agendas, change our schedules and to examine life….

Lot’s of change going on right now. Struggle, heaviness, news stories, the foundations of all we know seem to be shaking. We listened to the news this morning and just wondered what to make of it. I see and feel lots of fear in our midst.. Is God afraid? No. Is he intimidated or worried that the wrong president is in office? I don’t think so. Is it a time of concern? Yes, but for who? If we look at the obvious, we could be concerned for those who may not get health care or our relationship with other countries, but God is looking at our hearts. Our individual hearts. He’s asking us, “Where do you put your trust?”

It’s natural, “humanly normal”, to fear what will happen in this country with such abrupt changes happening so fast. Why? because we worry about natural things, our finances, our healthcare, our jobs, our safety and our security and how the government affects all those things. The tension is everywhere. Republicans and democrats were among those who voted for Trump. That looked like some unity and there WILL be unity, because we prayed for that as a country. We just may not all have been prepared for how God BRINGS unity and change.

Remember that verse, “God does nothing without first revealing it to his servants, the prophets.” We have the ability to hear God and he has been speaking. We may not all hear in the same degree, but we can ask for discernment if we do regard prophetic words with more detail. That’s what I do. I hear a few words, then compare them to prophetic words to see which are the accurate ones. I look for where two or three agree for confirmation.

What have the prophetic voices seen? Shaking! Visions of shaking have abounded for the last four years or more. Isn’t there a mess when there is shaking of the ground? or earthquakes? Should be be surprised that there may be a mess to come in the middle of the change?

I know three kids who have had dreams of structures collapsing. These are ungodly spiritual structures. Our government is full of them, our families are full of them and sadly, our churches are not immune either. God is pointing at us and where we put our trust and what we’re standing on.

In a dream my son had, were were on a big skyscraper with a big bunch of people. We looked out and saw a huge pine tree not too far away. On it were jewels and treasures. OOOOh! We wanted that, but we’d have to jump from the top of this stable looking flat, big building, to that pointy tree top.

We, and a few other people, took a leap of faith through the air to get to the treasure. MOST were afraid to jump and remained on the tower. We decided to go for it though! We made it, and while we were excited, looking at all the treasure, the good things God had for us, the tower the others were standing on collapsed. People were very afraid.

After the rubble cleared we looked over from our place of safety and saw that the tower was rebuilt and it was more beautiful than before, made of heavenly material. The people on it were happy, Jesus was there, angels were there, and we jumped back onto the new and improved tower. There WAS another building after the rubble cleared too, people were not happy in there, he said, a red work house. They were working and suffering all the time while we were enjoying ourselves on the new tower.

The key in all this, is trust God. Put all your treasure in Him. Even those of us who are Christians have ways that we have clung to that are not God’s ways. Matthew 7:13-14 (the words of JESUS) 13“Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. 14“For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.

Essentially, NOW is a time when God says, JUMP, take a leap of faith and give over the old stuff you’ve been holding on to to him. Ask him to uncover anything that has held you back, any stronghold in your life, be vulnerable before him and others. Trust HIM with your safety. Hide yourself in him and he will protect you until the rebuilding has happened. You will gain wisdom, treasure and will not fear. It will take TIME. It is a PROCESS you will have to submit to God, but there is reward in it.

Some, like those who decided to remain on the man made tower, will persist in their own way and miss the opportunity to rip up their agenda, search their hearts and repent of ways they have continued in that were not God’s ways – bitterness, anger, pride, resentment, hurts that need to be let go of, human understanding, sin. All that stuff has to be let go of. Sometimes we think we are following Jesus alone, but we’re really not. We’re actually trying to serve two masters. “A divided kingdom cannot stand,” Jesus himself said. Where are you following two masters in your life? Let him show you. That is how you get to the tree with the treasure on top. It will require vulnerability to see the hidden areas you’ve been avoiding.

God is asking – always – “Do you trust me? I really want to help.” He doesn’t make the mess we are in, we do. We step away from him into messy places, sin places, complacency, yet in his kindness he warns us so we can get on our knees, turn and seek him again.

We, as the church, have prayed for our country to return to God often quoting this verse.

2 Chronicles 7:14

“… if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

In prayer I’ve seen a picture of the ground shaking and cracking open. A rope falls from heaven and God says, “Grab it. You will hang onto ME alone for your salvation.” Like when the flood waters came and God told Noah, “Build an ark,” God knew what he was going to do and he has revealed to many what he is going to do so they would trust him.

Things may change in our country, yes, but for those who have put their WHOLE trust in God, the Kingdom will grow and God’s will is that a beautiful song of unity will arise our of a country that fears the One True God. The Spirit of the Lord brings unity, nothing else.

I encourage you to pray for the government, but also focus on yourself right now. There is a great grace right now for hidden issues and roots of struggles to be revealed, but it will take time out of your schedule to seek God in a place of intimacy you may never have gone before. When we start over, sometimes we have to rip up our whole agenda, tear it up and STOP. What’s happened in our government mirrors what God wants us to do in our lives. The same patterns are happening all over the place, in government, in churches, and personally. We have been striving to make the world perfect without really submitting ALL that we are to God. WE let a little God in here or what we think is a lot of God, but giving him all that we are, giving him permission to rip up our agendas, our attitudes and our PLANS… that’s another story indeed.